I spend most of my days reading (I’ll read just about anything), painting, sleeping, and shopping. My favorite color is either pink or black. Or maybe grey. Or lavender. Teal is nice. I can’t decide! I enjoy flowers a lot, (just in case you wanna send me a bouquet– I like white roses and sunflowers best!)

I love the ocean, the sky. Summer is my favorite time to be alive. I think it’s that feeling of freedom it gives, and the warmth. Autumn is pretty great too, but I think I like being alive best during the summer. I like pretty things and beautiful places. I love love love traveling, it’s the love of my life.

I like to write about anything and everything; whether it’s about politics or about religion or food or holidays or people or simply just ideas & daydreams. There’s a little of bit everything. I think it’s important to be chimerical in all aspects of life.

So please take your time, there is much to see.

Welcome to my page! 🙂